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Stress happens in every workplace. Whether it’s a large project, or the end of the month and crunch time to finish a certain task, employees are going to get stressed. Being stressed is a natural reaction but it doesn’t help make the work any easier or get it done on time. What are some ways that you as a manager can help alleviate stress in the office?

Minimize Stress & Keep Employees Focused and Striving for Success

Make the office beautiful.

Pleasant and serene surroundings do a lot to help people stay calm and focused. Redecorating can help as can making sure that the office space stays uncluttered. Decorate in calming colors like blues and grays to make people feel more comfortable and at ease. If you want people to be more engaged use a bold color like orange or purple. Look at companies that match your corporate culture and design accordingly.

Encourage breaks and time off.

Your employees may be eating their lunches at their desks or they are not taking breaks throughout the day. It is up to you to ensure that breaks are being observed. The same is true for vacation time or personal days. It isn’t a badge of honor to end the year without taking any time off. It can quickly lead to burnout and employee dissatisfaction. Don’t make it hard to leave the office for an hour or a week.

Lead by example.

If you want your team to stay as relaxed as possible you need to demonstrate a stress free office environment. If you’re stressed, everyone else will be stressed as well. Always be friendly, learn to deal with stress constructively, and promote positive behaviors for everyone in the building.

Don’t focus on the little things.

Corporate training discourages micromanagement. Not only shouldn’t you focus too much on what they are doing but don’t sweat the small stuff. If someone isn’t doing a job the way you prefer it is done but they are still accomplishing the task effectively and efficiently let go of control and trust them to do the job they were hired to do.

Listen to concerns.

Finally, the most important thing you can do as a manager is make yourself available to listen to the concerns that your employees have about their jobs, the office, or coworkers. Don’t react immediately. Listen to what they have to say and truly consider the best solutions to the problem. As for help when you need it. If you show that you are a boss who really understands where employees are coming from they are more likely to remain stress free in the office.


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