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So, what is happening with the staffing industry now that we’re halfway through 2017? Trends that were barely scratching the surface have emerged while others that were expected to be more influential are beginning to fly under the radar once again. So, what is and what isn’t the state of staffing this year so far? Let’s take a closer look at what trends are picking up steam this summer.

  • Investing in corporate branding. Now more than ever, your agency needs to be focused on investing in corporate branding. This is the hallmark of your company, and the first-place new candidates and customers go when researching agencies to work with. By investing in your branding, both online and in person, you can give yourself the image boost you need to attract more talent and business.
  • Increased tech and mobile solutions. No matter how we try to avoid it, technology is changing the face of the staffing industry. By incorporating more managed workforce solutions to help streamline your staffing process, you’re freeing your recruiters up to find more talent in the community. And to do that, you also need to ensure your mobile application process is easy to use.
  • Focus on contingent workers. More companies are utilizing contingent, or on-demand, workers for projects. This is a result of the gig economy, and staffing agencies often miss out when they focus too much on the traditional use of their industry. Instead, look at ways you can make matches between contractors or freelancers and your clients in need of contingent workers.
  • Allow for more remote working solutions. Another big trend that staffing agencies often assume is not applicable to them is work-from-home opportunities. In many cases, both clients and employees are looking for flexible schedules and remote working solutions. This cuts down on the client overhead and gives the talent a chance to work with their own schedule in their own home office.
  • Using data and metrics. Finally, it’s important to note that big data isn’t just a trend that will be disappearing soon. Data is an important driver of today’s business climate. As a staffing partner, it’s your job to ensure the metrics you collect can be used to create a more efficient and cost-effective system for your client companies.

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