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If your department is responsible for bringing in contingent staff, have you considered working with recruitment process outsourcing? Also known as RPO, it’s a great way to hire top talent for short- and long-term projects. In these partnerships, both parties have a commitment to one another, and the relationship they establish upfront will lay the foundation for future success. Here are the critical ingredients for a successful RPO partnership.  


Compatible Company Culture 

If you and the RPO you choose don’t have a compatible company culture, the partnership simply will not thrive. This means you should consider all aspects, including the overall mission, goals, and values. Once these are aligned, the partnership will be natural. Talk to several RPO providers before determining which will service your organization.  


Transparent Communications 

At every step of the way, you need to know what’s happening. And so does your RPO partner. Ensure that you have everything you need to provide up to date information and transparent communication. This isn’t limited to in-person meetings. Talk with your RPO regularly, whether it’s via email, text, or the phone. Let them know anything that changes and ensure they provide you with details as well.  


Create the Team and Infrastructure 

While it sounds on paper that working with an RPO means you get to be handsoff, that’s never how the most successful partnerships work. You need to determine the goal of the collaboration and work with the RPO to create a great team and recruitment infrastructure. By listening and understanding to their suggestions, you will find the entire system runs smoothly.  


Define and Agree  

There are a lot of moving parts that go into an RPO partnership. They include everything from the chain of command to the overall price. You need to have all of these establishing conversations upfront before the process begins. Talk to them about the value they provide and how you can move forward together.  


Could an RPO be right for you?

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