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Performance issues, undetected, can add up to create firestorms of significant problems that are difficult to solve. It’s useful for organizations to watch for the common signs of performance issues and handle them quickly and efficiently before they become more extensive problems. Here are a few ways you can detect and deal with workplace performance issues before they get out of hand.

Review Past Mistakes

When you only address a misstep as a reaction, you’ll never get to the root cause of the problem. After a mistake is recognized and resolved, you must take a closer look at what happened. There may be systemic problems that need to be addressed. Look at how mistakes are fixed and what can be adjusted to avoid the errors in the future.

Assess Absences

Are you seeing more employees taking sick days or not calling or showing up to work? This could be a performance issue that needs to be addressed or something very different. Burnout can affect employee performance, and they may respond by taking excessive days off or not coming in to work when they get overwhelmed. Address not only the individual employees’ behavior but also the root cause.

Revisit Employee Engagement

Employees who aren’t excited about their work or are disengaging from their jobs and company culture are not only bad for morale; they’re bad for your bottom line. But the solution isn’t necessarily to eliminate disengaged employees. Look for the core reasons employees feel this way and adjust your corporate culture to be more engaging.

Focus on On-Time Work

Tardiness is sometimes about specific employees showing up late for work. Sometimes it’s about procrastination and the inability to meet critical deadlines on time. You can focus on increasing employee reliability, including eliminating tardiness and improving your organization’s overall performance.

Work With a Staffing Partner

If what you need are high-performing employees, you don’t have to do it alone. A staffing partner can assist you with the recruitment process to find, hire, and retain top talent at all levels. You may also be able to assuage some of the additional concerns, such as employee engagement and excessive time off, by bringing on more help in the workplace.

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