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Many larger businesses optimize their staffing efforts by leveraging a contingent workforce strategy. It provides the talent they need on a temporary basis, helping them save money while maintaining efficient operations. These organizations stay nimble, able to quickly add talent to complete an important project without committing to full-time employment.


Companies that regularly use managed staffing providers for their contingent workforce gain additional benefits through onsite staffing services. In this scenario, an MSP team actually works at your location, providing more efficient service for your talent needs. This approach reduces the workload for your HR staff, letting them focus on the needs of your permanent employees.


When your business relies on contingent talent, a vendor on premise (VOP) or onsite staffing service makes perfect sense. It provides another way to optimize your staffing process, helping you reduce expenses as a result. Let’s dive into a deeper analysis on the concept, providing additional food for thought for your organizational decision-making process.


What is a VOP or Onsite Staffing Service?


In short, a VOP or onsite staffing service essentially functions as an extension to your own HR team. Expect a similar set of benefits gained when using any managed staffing service provider, but with increased efficiency. The onsite staffing management approach lets the MSP ultimately provide your business with better service.


As noted earlier, businesses with a large number or temporary or contingent workers benefit from this staffing approach. Having a vendor on premises ultimately helps your company quickly achieve a higher ROI. It remains a great way for your organization to stay flexible while greatly improving its operational efficiency.


7 Reasons to Manage Your Contingent Workforce with Onsite Staffing Services


If you need additional insights on the myriad benefits gained by using onsite staffing management, check out this list. It covers everything from higher efficiency to cost savings, including improved communication and transparency with your VOP provider. This proactive staffing strategy ensures your organization never suffers from a skills or talent gap at the wrong time.


Additionally, a partnership with an onsite staffing services provider helps the VOP team truly understand your business culture. These extra insights lets them provide contingent workers making a great fit on your team. Expect greatly improved operations and productivity as a result of adopting this strategy.


#1 Onsite Staffing Increases Efficiency


Having an onsite staffing manager for your contingent workforce directly boosts the operational efficiency of your business. Remember that these temporary workers are actually employed by the onsite staffing management organization. As such, their on-premises managers encourage and motivate their own employees to be a productive force for your business.


It effectively provides an extra set of eyes to ensure everyone stays focused and works hard. In short, they enhance the abilities of your company managerial staff, allowing them to focus on more value-added areas. This staffing strategy also improves engagement and productivity, ensuring your projects are completed successfully as quickly as possible.


For example, expect the VOP managers to handle daily check-ins of your contingent workers. Additionally, they provide an extra voice to deal with conflict resolution if any issues arise.


#2 Onsite Staffing Services are Cost-Effective


Engaging any staffing process requires a significant investment from your business in both time and resources. Considering the risk prone nature of these efforts, all that money simply gets wasted if your company fails to make the right hire. Additionally, a wrong hiring decision adds the expenses spent onboarding and training someone that’s a poor fit for you.


Partnering with a managing staffing provider for your contingent workforce needs lets your company enjoy significant cost savings. This is especially the case when compared to trying to hire individual employees one at a time. Your organization also reduces the inherent risks of any staffing process, ensuring you onboard great candidates to your team.


However, working with a business providing onsite staffing services offers even more critical cost savings. The fact a representative from the VOP organization works at your business location improves its efficiency as highlighted above. Expect a significant reduction to your business’s staffing expenses as a result.


#3 Onsite Staffing Allows for Better Communication


Strong communication plays a crucial role in optimizing nearly all functions of a business. This includes facilitating the relationship between your HR managers and the staffing agencies supplying the talent for your business. Having someone from an onsite staffing services provider with an office at your company simply optimizes this interaction.


At the same time, the VOP rep also serves as an onsite manager for your contingent workforce. Having them accessible to answer questions or handle any conflicts lets your own managers focus on running the business. The morale of your contract workers also improves with someone from their company available for a chat each day.


So the onsite staffing management approach improves communication across two channels. First, your company enjoys better interaction with its vendor on premises partner as their manager works onsite. Finally, this manager fosters communication with the contingent workforce supplied by your VOP provider. Expect enhanced transparency and more effective collaboration as a result.


#4 Access Top Talent with a VOP


In addition to the current teams at your business, you sometimes need access to a certain skill or experience. After all, a skills gap hampers your company’s ability to bid on projects or successfully complete its current initiatives. Finding talented candidates with a specific skill remains difficult for businesses no matter their industry.


Leveraging an onsite staffing services provider provides your business with top professionals with the skills and experience you need. With the provider’s representative actually onsite with your company, they grow to truly understand your culture. This helps them present only the top candidates that make a great fit on your team.


Ultimately, if your business needs exceptional professionals at a significant cost savings, partner with an onsite staffing management organization. It needs to be critical piece of any staffing strategy for recruiting specific skills.


#5 Achieve Flexibility with Onsite Staffing Services


Businesses that are flexible and nimble enjoy a greater chance of success no matter the current state of the economy. They have the scalability to quickly add talent to complete an important project. At the same time, they leverage a large contingent workforce that simply moves onto another gig whenever an initiative ends.


The secret for many of these successful companies involves working with an onsite staffing services provider. They understand your current project load and the skills and experience the business currently needs. This visibility lets them place the specific talent to help organization thrive like never before.


So if you want your business to become more nimble, connect with a vendor on premises staffing provider. They provide you with a well-considered approach for adding talent whenever you need it most.


#6 Increase Productivity with Onsite Staffing Management


Maintaining a high productivity level remains an important goal for you and your company’s leadership team. Of course, having enough talented workers ready to contribute to projects remains a critical part of this productivity puzzle. Fast access to these professionals makes it easier to boost your business’s output when necessary.


Notably, having an online staffing management provider on your team helps keep your business productivity as high as possible. Once again, their onsite leadership presence frees up your own managers to focus on more value-added tasks. This situation helps your leadership stay as productive as possible, a feeling that becomes contagious throughout your shop.


Additionally, having a managed staffing services provider onsite lets everyone focus on work instead of a hiring process. Many of the other benefits detailed earlier all contribute to improved productivity. Better communication, fast access to talent, and an efficiency boost simply make your business more productive.


#7 Reduce Turnover with a VOP


Anytime you lose a permanent employee to another organization, your business takes a significant hit. Of course, productivity suffers, but the resources spent recruiting, hiring, and training that professional become a sunk loss. This scenario reveals the importance of reducing turnover at any business that wants to remain successful.


Of course, leveraging a contingent workforce also reduces your company’s dependence on full-time employment for the talent it needs. You need not worry about retaining these contract workers. When your project completes, they simply move onto their next gig. Your staffing spend returns to normal, reducing your expenses during less busy times at your business.


Additionally, your managerial team is now able to focus on retaining its most valuable permanent employees. You also enjoy more resources for increasing salaries and benefits because of the cost savings gained from onsite staffing. It remains an approach worthy of consideration for businesses hoping to compete in a difficult economy.


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