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Hiring right the first time is the cornerstone for success. Companies that need to spend more time on rehiring after a candidate didn’t work out will lose productivity and time throughout the process. So it is imperative that managers consider all of the ways to attract better quality people to their door. Many experts suggest out of the box thinking and creative hiring ideas that can enhance the quality of your applicants from the start. Here are some ways to think outside of the box with your next hire.

  • Answer these 4 questions.

What needs to get done? How do you measure success? Why would someone want the job? What traits to your successful employees share? To create a job description that will attract the best candidates, answer these questions rather than putting out a laundry list of tasks. You’re not simply filling a role, you’re adding a factor that can make your company more successful.

  • Develop your hiring plan.

You know you need someone with specific skills, so how do you describe your need to someone who wants the job. Start with a job title that is catchy and descriptive but not overly cutesy. Next, add a message that appears personalized for the job seeker. Not the laundry list, continue to avoid that. But make it read like you’re composing a letter to the perfect employee.

  • Know your target group.

Once you decide to begin the hiring process, it is important that you know where to look. One strategy is to cast a wide net and then let the cream rise to the top. The other is to target specific communities that are related to your need. Both are acceptable. In fact, a hybrid approach may give you the best options in the long run.

  • Streamline the interview process.

Next, don’t let the right candidates get lost in the processes. Is your online application process too complicated? You may lose out on the best talent for your job. Are there too many hoops to jump through or impossible criteria that no one can live up to? Consider how you can make this process easier.

  • Don’t waste time with decisions.

Finally, once you’ve met with your top three to five candidates, don’t wait too long to give them an answer. Yes, hiring managers are often busy with other aspects of their jobs, but it is critical that you keep your top talent happy. And don’t forget to follow up with the candidates you didn’t select. You want to keep that bridge unburned for the future.

Are you attracting the right candidates with your job descriptions?

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