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Do you feel like you’re in a rut in your career? Or maybe you’re just frustrated that your job has stalled and you don’t feel like advancement is a possibility. Some experts believe that our time management skills are intrinsically connected to our satisfaction with our careers. So how can you get out of a major rut by just tweaking the way you spend your time every day? Here are some tips you can start with to see if you can make a change.

Understand the Rules

Before you make any changes to your current time management techniques, learn the rules of your office environment. While it may sound like something you should already know, there are often some hidden rules that can help you be more flexible. Changing your entire routine can be the push you need to break out of a career rut.

Make the Right Commitments

Once you determine how flexible you can be during a work day, make sure that you are committing to the most important aspects of your job. You may be able to start coming in a little later, but you can’t miss that 10am meeting. Be sure your new time management strategies aren’t negatively affecting everyone else.

Understand Your Contributions

When you are trying to break out of your career rut, it can be easier to see your work in terms of results rather than hours worked. The key is to allow your employer to continue to see your contributions in a positive light. Focus on your deliverables and make sure they are top notch and turned in on time every time.

Learn Yyour Own Patterns

If you want to manage your day to get out of a career slump, start working based on your own inner clock rather than an arbitrary clock. If you’re a morning person, focus on doing your best work in the morning. If you’re a night owl transition your time to embrace those hours. Make sure you keep working within the requirements of your business, however.

Educate Yourself on Business Biases

Even if you’re working on a different, better schedule for your own productivity it will be important to remember that your management team will have different opinions. Understand the biases of the business and work within them, to the best of your new ability, work within their requirements.

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