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Having a vendor on premise can help you simplify a lot of processes, but that’s not without long-term preparation. Before you bring your VOP on-site to help you with staffing, onboarding and employee management, what should you be asking your vendor? The specific details may be personally adapted to suit your exact business, but these questions can help get the right conversations started. Here are five questions to ask before you begin working with your VOP.

  1. What are the terms of payment?

    Knowing how you pay and for what you’re paying is a big step to understanding how your VOP works for you. This will also help you determine if you’re working with the right staffing partner since they will be on-site and interacting with staff of all levels. Understanding the financials can give you a perspective on the relationship overall.

  2. How are services determined?

    So how does your VOP determine what services are required? Do they spot a need and fill it? Does it need to go through approval from management or the department? What happens when a replacement employee is needed to backfill an open position? How much autonomy does the staffing partner want versus how much control you need?

  3. How hands-on should I be as a manager?

    Speaking of control, how much does your staffing partner expect from you in terms of management or oversight. And the answer may well depend on you. If you’d rather be a hands-off manager, working with a service that provides a decision maker will be preferred. If you want to work closely with them, another service may be better suited.

  4. What insurance and protections do you have?

    Of course, safety in the workplace is very important, and this comes from far more than just physical safety and oversight. What insurance does the company have in terms of their employee behavior? What protections do you have as a business if something goes wrong on-site?

  5. What other services do you offer?

    It is also helpful to determine what the VOP can provide beyond just placing a representative on-site. You may learn they offer payroll services that can help you streamline your entire company’s process. Whatever it is your company needs, your service may be able to provide it. However, you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

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