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A compliment always feels good. Many of us are pre-programmed to downplay compliments but that doesn’t make them any less desirable. This is especially true on the job. An appropriate compliment can help give your employees a boost of confidence and some extra push to continue doing a great job.

3 Steps to Exhibiting Great Compliments to Motivate Your Team


When you’re telling your employees they’ve done a good job it is important that you really do mean it. There is nothing worse than an insincere compliment. In fact, it doesn’t take much to see right through a compliment that isn’t heartfelt. If you are really struggling to say something sincere it may be time to reevaluate your own communications skills. You need to see what your issues are with the work that is being done in the office and whether the issue is with you or with the team you have working for you. Otherwise, be sure to be genuine when letting someone know they’ve done a good job.


The next step to a good compliment in the workplace is to be precise about what you’re praising. General, non-committal responses come across as insincere which we’ve already established as an issue that prevents compliments from motivating employees. You want to point out the specific aspects of the job that they have completed above and beyond expectations. This will encourage them to continue working on things where they excel. When you provide specific feedback about the parts of their job that has impressed you it pushes their pride in the right and most constructive direction.


Finally, you want to make sure you are praising them not only genuinely and specifically but also for the right aspects of the project. No one likes it when someone else is given credit for the work that they have done. It happens all too often in a business environment. Someone takes unnecessary responsibility for a project even if they were not the architect of the solution. Pay attention to those who really contribute and be sure to call out specific people for their innovations. This will not only encourage them to keep up the good work but discourage the others from trying to take credit when it isn’t due.

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