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If your workforce is primarily made up of people under the age of 35, you’re working with millennials. Managers today often wonder how to engage and satisfy their younger workforce. So it is important to note what it is that millennials want from their Gen X and Baby Boomer bosses. If you’re sales force and recruiting staff falls under this category, here are some things to consider to make your millennial workforce happier on the job.

Recognize Their Individual Nature

Millennials never like to shoe-horned into a group where they don’t feel like they can shine. They’ll be exceptionally loyal if you’re willing to acknowledge who they are as individuals. Provide praise for everyone who makes a project successful. Allow star performers to stand out.

Don’t Let Them Get Stagnant

Younger workers also like to continuously learn new things. If they’re left to conduct exactly the same duties day in and day out, they will quickly become frustrated, lazy, and restless. They’ll want to move on, and you can’t afford to lose good talent. Keep them engaged with new challenges.

Manage Expectations

Millennials are also very ambitious, sometimes to a fault. They want to climb the corporate ladder almost immediately, and they think they can. In their childhood, they didn’t always hear the word no, so they are accustomed to getting their own way. Instead, provide them with guidelines and time frames that will give them a goal to aim for in their career.

Offer and Accept Feedback

Know that millennials want to hear how they’re doing, whether that feedback is good or bad. Getting this is crucial for them to develop good habits in the workplace and solve their own problems. But they will also not be afraid of giving you feedback as well. Take what they say seriously, they may be able to give you insight that you hadn’t expected.

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