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The Canadian Labour Program has created employer guidelines for vacation time and general holidays. Canadian workers are entitled to certain days off and a set amount of vacation, according to the provision. How can this affect your businesses in Canada? Here is a quick look at the vacation and holiday requirements throughout the nation.

  • Two weeks vacation. Employees working within federally regulated industries, such as banks, broadcasting, transportation, and others, are provided with two weeks paid vacation after they complete their first year of service. However, after six consecutive years with the same employer, the entitlement increases to three weeks each year. Businesses should refer to the Canadian Labour Program website for more information regarding the appropriate vacation pay for their employees.
  • Holidays. The program also entitles all employees to nine holidays throughout the year. These holidays include: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. These days off are provided with pay and employers can consult the Labour Program to learn more about how to compensate employees properly. However, holidays are not mandatory and if business is required on the date in question, employees may need to work but will be paid at a higher holiday rate.
  • Benefits of days off. Multiple studies have been conducted which indicate that the psychological benefits of time off from work outweighs the cost. It has been proven to increase employee morale, performance, and productivity while on the job. In fact, employees who take advantage of their vacation time indicate a higher satisfaction with their career and their employer overall. Enforcing the use of vacation time is an important component of strong leadership.
  • How does Canada compare? The U.S. is still the only advanced nation that does not require an employer to provide vacation time. Canada, on the other hand, is on par with Japan for their vacation provisions. The European Union currently provides 20 vacation days per year with some countries and employers offering more. Some countries even provide a small premium to help cover the costs of the vacation.

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