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The world came to a complete and unexpected stop in early 2020. With the threat of COVID-19 high, companies that could were forced to pivot and suddenly adopt technology to facilitate working online so their employees could stay safe at home. While online meetings and collaboration are becoming the norm for workers, how is this affecting the onboarding and training process? Is virtual reality a possible answer?   

Access to Technology  

The most important consideration when implementing VR into your training experience is to ensure that everyone has access to technology. While we are familiar with the large VR headsets, Oculus has released a smaller, more streamlined version called the Oculus Go. It’s meant to be more accessible and affordable, which means you may be able to provide this to your training team.  


Recreation of Environments 

What VR gives you that remote training can’t is a re-creation of the work environment. While you can teach people remotely about how to do the job, the piece that would always be missing is direct interaction with the environment. And our work environment is critical to our ability to understand the task and how it fits into the bigger picture.  


Experienced VR Trainers 

To provide good quality VR training, you need to invest in trainers with experience. These trainers will be able to work through the process with employees, often remotely, to ensure they’re getting what they need out of the experience. The right trainer will be able to measure progress.  


Acceptance by the Workforce 

What may be the biggest hurdle is convincing the workforce that virtual training is effective? For some employees, this may be more difficult as they may not trust this kind of technology. Employers are finding that younger workers tend to embrace VR quickly, but everyone is capable of engaging.  


Can virtual training work for you?

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