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If you want to work with a vendor management system, a managed service provider, or recruitment process outsourcing, what should you expect? Are you familiar with the Statement of Work? Standard with a variety of project management applications, a statement of work offers a roadmap to the project. This document should be extraordinarily detailed and layout every aspect of what you should expect from the working relationship. Here are some things you should know about SoW for your needs.  


Time SoW 

As with many documents, your SoW can have more than one focus. Sometimes it will focus on the time. This is about when the project will be complete or about how long it would take to do individual tasks. This is a great option when there is a finite deadline on the work being performed. It can showcase how you intended to complete the project on or ahead of schedule.  


Materials SoW 

For more technical aspects of project management, such as IT, many SoWs will focus more on the materials needed. This may not be specific to the staffing industry as the product is qualified employees for each individual project. However, it’s good to know that many SoWs do focus on the materials rather than the time so you can better understand the process.  


Outcome-Led SoW 

One great way for your MSP to communicate the project to you is through an outcome-led statement of work. This way, you understand not just the processes by which they’ll fulfill the agreement, but also the expected outcome and how that will be achieved. Outcome-based communication is an essential part of a positive staffing relationship.  


What to Expect 

When you’re reading a statement of work, you can expect the following items: 

    • Project objectives 
    • Project scope 
    • Major deliverables 
    • Tasks supporting deliverables and who will complete them 
    • Timeline for completion  
    • Location and resources needed 
    • Payment, terms, and deadlines 
    • Criteria for deliverables 

Once the SoW is agreed upon, both parties will sign the document, and the partnership can begin.  

Do you want to talk to a staffing provider about their SoW and services?

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