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The staffing industry has had a long history in the American employment landscape. In times of recession, it’s one of the first industries to feel the pinch. As the economic landscape begins to improve, staffing finds itself on the leading edge of recovery, but there are always challenges in every industry. So, what challenges are staffing executives facing today in the current job market? Let’s take a closer look.

Client Expectations

The challenge of unrealistic client expectations can be one of the most difficult to overcome. Why? Because, as service professionals, we are taught the customer is always right. Ultimately, the final decision is with the client, but may need an additional push to better understand the realities of the job market.

In times of low unemployment, clients can quickly become frustrated that the exact match with their expectations can’t be made. It’s helpful to pull together the data surrounding the skills gap to help employers learn as much as they can about the process. Also, encourage them to meet with candidates who have potential over those with identical skills.

Applicant Honesty

Staffing professionals also have challenges around the applicants in the process. Dishonesty can be one of those major hurdles. The truth is, we’ve all done it: Fudged our experience just a little when it comes to applying for a job. But some lies are bigger than others and can’t be downplayed or ignored.

Dishonesty from candidates often goes hand in hand with desperation. They feel powerless and just want to say whatever it takes to get that job offer. It’s important that agencies conduct thorough and consistent checks to ensure every candidate is meeting the necessary standards of employment.

Skilled Recruiters

There was a time recruiting was considered an entry-level position, but as the workplace evolves, so must the staffing industry. Finding skilled recruiters can be as difficult as finding the best candidates for your clients. It can be even more challenging to find people for sales roles, since selling staffing services is very different than selling any other product.

Look for people who are resourceful in their own job search. Those who network well for themselves will also be able to build a network for your agency, whether it’s in sales or the talent pool.

Candidate Sourcing

Finding qualified candidates is another challenge for agencies. This is even before the process of submitting candidates to clients. Recruiters try to fill a talent pool of people who are ready and willing to accept short-and long-term assignments, but there is a lot of baggage that comes with that process.

Referrals are still the top resource for finding local candidates. Online networking, whether it’s through job boards or social media, is also on the list of places to find talent. Most of all, your agency needs to have a positive reputation and good branding to attract candidates to the table.

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