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Recruitment process outsourcing is slightly different than traditional recruiting or other HR functions. In this instance, an RPO allows a company to outsource all or part of its recruiting services to a partnering provider. In this sense, and RPO becomes an extension of your company’s HR or recruiting processes. So why is working with an RPO important, and how does it your organization? Let’s take a closer look.  


Full Life-Cycle Processes 

With an RPO, rather than working with a traditional staffing partner, you will have access to the whole life-cycle process. Your RPO will discuss your requirements with you, source resumes and connect with candidates, shortlist the candidates for interviews, negotiate pay, finalize the candidate’s hiring process, and focus on onboarding. Your RPO will remain a point of contact during the candidate’s entire time with your organization.  


Cost Reduction  

Because of this, the cost of recruiting is bundled for your company. Hiring is an expensive prospect. Not only do you have to advertise and spend time screening candidates, and to conduct interviews, you also have to take time out of running your business to focus on those things as well as the hiring paperwork and onboarding process. Your time is money, so you want to spend it wisely.  



Throughout this process, your RPO partner will be able to work with you when micro- or even macro- adjustments are required. They are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, which will result in the best possible contingent workforce. But if your priorities change, they can change right along with them.  


Consistency of Recruiting Processes 

While one of the benefits of RPO is the flexibility they’ll have working within your system; the other is the consistency of their process. Every candidate that walks through your door will have one point of contact throughout their tenure. This will give them a sense of cohesiveness. You can also be comfortable that the same hiring criteria are used for everyone your RPO brings on board.  


Legal Compliance 

Your RPO partner is also up to date on the latest employment laws, which will benefit your organization and ensure that you comply. Compliance in the workplace, especially for a contingent workforce, is essential, and one small crack in the wall can create an avalanche. With an experienced RPO partner, you don’t have to worry.  


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