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Does your company require a pre-employment background check for all incoming employees? If so, you’ve probably experienced the lag time that can negatively affect an employee’s interest in your open position. In the time it takes to complete a background screening, some candidates are already moving on to other opportunities that come their way. So, whats the average turnaround time and how can you engage your top candidates to keep them interested.  


Average Turn Around Time 

For the most part, the average turn around time for background checks is generally between 3 and 5 business days. However, it’s important to note that there are a ton of factors that can impact the time it takes to receive a report. Depending on what was searched, how many cities or states your candidate has lived in, and the operations of the courthouses that hold these records.  



Due to the uncertainty of the background check process, and the fact that it can’t be replicated precisely for each candidate, the most important thing you can do is communicate. Don’t leave a potential candidate hanging. Let them know where they are in the process and provide regular updates. At least knowing that you haven’t received the report will give them some idea of where they stand.  

Provide Background of Your Own 

To avoid the candidate moving on to another opportunity, do what you can to continue to engage them. This is a great time to get them up to speed on your company and organizational culture. Provide an essential background of your own, including details from the company’s history that may be interesting or useful to know. You can also focus on the environment and the general personalities of the people in the office. Hence, the employee is prepared when they arrive after the background check is completed.  


Complete Other Aspects of the Process 

There are other aspects of the hiring process that can be completed before the results of a background check. You can have them complete the other paperwork ahead of the results of the background check, so they’re ready to start work as soon as the report is returned. And, of course, this is also a great time to complete the reference checks from previous employers to verify what the employee has told you and confirm your feelings about them.  


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