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The first days and weeks of a new employee’s experience will be the most critical. How they perceive your companies in these crucial hours will be what forms their experience. What can you do in the onboarding process to ensure that your new team will rate your company a 10 out of 10? Here are some of the things you can do when you hire new employees.  


Hire Right the First Time 

The most crucial aspect of your hiring process is to ensure that you are choosing the candidates who will be most successful on the job and in your environment. If you hire right the first time, you will be able to control the onboarding experience and ensure that your employees are committed and dedicated to the job at hand. 


Improve Communication  

Even after you’ve made good hiring decisions, you need to nurture that professional relationship. Start by ensuring that you have excellent communication. At every step of the way, after you make a hiring decision and even before the new employee starts, be communicative about what they should expect.  


Make Paperwork Easier 

There is not much that can be done about the amount of paperwork a new hire has to complete before starting a job. However, you can make the experience smoother a couple of ways. Some companies will provide the paperwork before the start day, so a new employee doesn’t have to spend half of their first day completing paperwork. Others have digitized the process allowing candidates to access it online and provide e-signatures.  


Be Prepared 

When your new employee starts, be prepared for their arrival. The opposite happens far too frequently, and when new employees have to wait to be given a workstation, computer, or other supplies, they’ll form a negative opinion about their employer from the start.  


Get Feedback  

While you do need to provide feedback to your new staff member, it’s important to remember that you need to accept it as well. Throughout the onboarding process, ask your new employee what they like or dislike about it. Allow them to give you suggestions to make the process easier to navigate.  


How can you improve your onboarding experience?

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