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Working with an MSP for your recruiting, hiring, and management processes is a smart move. Without having to rely on your own internal technology and having a group of trained professionals at your disposal can be liberating, allowing you time to run your business. But what about the cost of services like this? What is the best MSP payment structure for your own company?

Per Device Pricing

In traditional technological terms, and MSP may offer a per-device pricing arrangement. This means for every device on site, there is a fee. A smaller organization can get away with fewer devices, thus a smaller cost for the services overall.

When working with an alliance of staffing firms, per-device may have other implications, but the basic premise applies. You’re paying for the individual service on an individual basis, depending on the size of your business and your business needs.

Per User Pricing

In this instance, the pricing expands to be per-user. However, many individuals you have on staff that will be a part of the MSP process will influence the overall pricing of the products and services.

In traditional terms, this will also account for users who may access more than one device to allow for a lower cost if necessary, based on the way the system is being used by any given organization.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Often referred to as “all you can eat,” this pricing structure takes into account every possible scenario the MSP will be utilized to perform. In this pricing structure, you’re paying for the entire package, regardless of the number of devices or number of users on the system.

An all-inclusive pricing package may be more expensive, but it compensates for the way your company may use the system, and you can work with your managed service provider to make sure you’re receiving the quality and quantity of services you need for smooth operations.


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