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Candidates are the bread and butter of the staffing industry. You’re tasked with each new position to find the right blend of skills and personality to present to very different clients. And each time, you may feel like your recruiters are starting the process over again. But what if you could keep current candidates happy and engaged between assignments so they are interested in working with your staff again and so your staff remembers them for future positions? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why providing added value to your candidates can help your agency succeed.

  1. Keeps them engaged.

    The most important aspect of maintaining a relationship with a superstar candidate is to keep them engaged enough to be available when you find the right opportunity for employment. When a superstar walks through your door, you may or may not have the right open position at that moment, but you know they can bring solid revenue to your business. You can market them to your clients, but you also need to keep them engaged. The same is true when a star employee completes a contract but there isn’t another on the immediate horizon. Training can help keep them active and available.

  2. Improves skills.

    At its core, training is about enhancing skills and experience. So by offering opportunities through your service for strong candidates to improve their skills, your company will reap the benefits of their improved marketable skills. You can offer soft-skills training to help enhance inherent traits or offer access to technology training to improve specific skills that are in-demand in your marketplace. The best way to do this is to form a partnership with a training company or hiring trainers on staff.

  3. Increases reputation.

    Finally, offering ongoing training for your applicants will help spread a positive image of your company throughout your community. It is so common in the staffing industry that candidates believe agencies are just filling their pool. Many think they will never get a job with an agency, they’re just a number. By offering added-value services for your applicants, your reputation will increase and you will begin to see more and better quality applicants coming through your door.

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