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Managed services providers are there to make your business more efficient. But how efficient is the sum of a number of factors that can add up in a day, a month or even a year? So if you’re working with or thinking of working with an MSP to help bolster your productivity and efficiency, what do you need to know before getting started? Let’s take a look at these four examples of how working with an MSP can make your company more efficient.

  1. It can improve your branding.

    When you’re working with a recruiting partner who is actively promoting your brand as a great place to work, the process will boost your overall branding and reputation within the community. For example, companies that recruit using social media platforms reach the newest generation of job seekers who use these sites as social influencers.

  2. It shortens your time to hire.

    An established staffing partner is also working with you to help streamline and improve your overall hiring process. They want you to succeed, and by improving your time to hire, they can help you be more effective and efficient. Your MSP will be handling the process from start to finish to take that burden off you or your management team.

  3. It can reduce your cost per hire.

    This can also help reduce your cost per hire. While you may be paying a fee to your MSP, their resources and access to the community expand their reach for you and other clients. The overall cost of these processes can be greatly reduced and streamlined to help meet your needs more affordably.

  4. It takes the burden off HR.

    While many people incorporate hiring within the realm of HR, there are plenty of other tasks that need to be handled by that department. When handling benefits, payroll, employee relations and more are enough, they can use the additional assistance of a dedicated hiring team to review and interview the best possible candidates before involving the department in the final decision making.

Should you be working with an MSP to be more efficient?

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