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The events of 2020 changed the employment landscape for the foreseeable future. As a result, many companies across all industries are experiencing challenges finding talent for their open position. To counter these issues, companies need to take a step back and consider what they can do to get candidates back through the doors. Here are just five ideas that can get you started.

Better Insurance Options

Access to healthcare became a big talking point over the last year. Employees are looking for better options for themselves and their families, and your company can provide that option. Look into insurance packages that provide the coverage people are looking for, including vision and dental.

Flexible Schedules

When the pandemic became a national crisis, many companies shifted to work from home schedules. Now that businesses are considering returning to the office, employees are pushing back. Many employees thrived in work-from-home environments and now want more flexibility in their schedules. If you don’t provide it, they’ll find that somewhere else.

More Options for Time Off

The same is true for vacation time. Why? Work/life balance took a front seat in the last year, and employees are demanding more time for themselves and their families. Provided an easier route to accessing PTO will help draw back into the office.

Student Loan Assistance

Before we even thought about the pandemic, another crisis was hanging over the heads of younger workers. Crushing student loan debt became the norm, and new employees could barely make ends meet while paying off their education. As the recipient of their expertise, offer ways to provide student loan assistance to attract GenZ and Millennial employees.

Paid Family Leave

Another issue that came to light over the last year was the lack of family leave in the U.S. While FMLA protects jobs, it doesn’t provide assistance. Employees caring for sick family members didn’t always have the resources they needed. The same is true when it comes to parental leave. Creating programs that assist with time out of the office to care for a loved one or new child will let employees know that you care about them as people.

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