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We are all aware of the habits of highly successful people. But how relevant are these habits in our workplace today? You can do several things to reinforce positive behavior and create practices that drive success. So what are the five best habits to cultivate in your career?

What Work Habits Can Help Drive Success?

Learn To Take Constructive Criticism

It’s human to be defensive when someone comes to you with criticism. But an important skill to cultivate is to learn how to accept feedback. Remember that not everyone is a naturally effective communicator, so sometimes criticism can come off harshly. Your job is to listen to what’s being said and determine the most critical parts you can turn into action items for yourself.

Build More Time into Tasks

One of the best tips from highly successful people is to build extra time into your tasks. Say you have a meeting that is supposed to take an hour from 1 pm to 2 pm. Don’t schedule another appointment for 2 pm. Keep a block of time before and after meetings to catch up, review information, and not feel stressed about the next task. This is especially true for an in-person appointment.

Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

We can get into a negative feedback loop when we focus on problems and complain more than determining a solution. Highly successful people are solutions-oriented. Yes, issues happen, and it’s okay to feel your feelings, but the quicker you pick yourself up and come up with potential solutions, the better.

Listen Carefully

Humans have a terrible habit of not listening thoroughly. When we’re in a conversation with someone else, we often listen just long enough to formulate our response, but then we stop focusing on the speaker and think more about what we want to say. That means we can miss important information. Listen actively, repeat their words, and create a thoughtful response.

Cultivate Empathy

There’s a big push for emotional intelligence in the workplace. The most significant factor for this is empathy. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes gives you a chance to see things through their perspective and try to communicate in a way they will understand, appreciate, and feel good about.

What is your best advice for success?

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