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The recruiting industry is changing rapidly with all of the new technology and social communications tools. How do you make sure your agency is keeping up with the needs of your clients? A consistent talent pool is necessary to ensure your success moving forward. Are there strategies that could help you find top talent that you’re not using yet? Here are 6 fresh recruiting ideas that can breathe new life into your sourcing strategies.

  1. Use video. With Skype, Snap Chat, and Facebook Live all a part of the modern communication lexicon, it is surprising that not many staffing agencies are using video to communicate with potential candidates. Consider making a Facebook Live video to show the community what it is like working in your office or who your recruiters are as individuals. Personalizing the process can attract top candidates through your door.
  2. Post unconventionally. You know how to write a job posting, right? Provide the job title, the basic duties, and the expectations. But what if you turned this formula on its head? Some companies are having success posting more unconventional job postings. They use unexpected descriptions to entice candidates to apply such as a description of the work environment or team.
  3. Target bloggers. It is also common to reach out to passive job candidates, but where do you look for them? Consider following blogs of people who do the things you typically search for. Reach out to them directly, but also see if their followers might be interested in new opportunities with your company. These thought leaders have a lot of control in the marketplace today.
  4. Go viral. This sometimes sounds easier said than done, but it doesn’t need to be. Companies are going the extra mile to be sure their message is heard. Viral campaigns used successfully in the past include very prominent billboards or leveraging social trends. For example, Zombies continue to be of interest to people, so the CDC created a Zombie Survival Guide that provides actual advice for disaster situations.
  5. Be community minded. Another way to reach out to the demographic of employees in your community is to be involved in local volunteer organization or activism. Choose a cause that is important to the identity of your business. This will attract people who want to work with people who share their values and give back to the community.
  6. Encourage repeat business. Your relationship with candidates shouldn’t end when you’ve placed them in a job. Keep in contact with them. You never know when they might need a new job or, in many cases, advance to a management position where they are now the decision makers for hiring. When you maintain these important relationships, you can also leverage their satisfaction as ways to recruit new employees for the future.

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