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Diversity is not a new subject in the workplace, but it has become increasingly crucial for incoming employees. According to Jobvite’s Job Seeker Nation Report, 42% of candidates would reject a job if the company lacked diversity or clear plans for a more equitable workplace. This trend will ultimately impact employers who have not begun to evaluate these concerns in their organization. Here are a few reasons you should create a diverse workforce and strategies to get you started.

Creating Opportunities

The most important aspect of a diversity hiring program is to create opportunities for individuals who may have otherwise been excluded from the process for various factors. Your diversity program should tap into resources in diverse areas to source candidates who bring their ways of thinking to the table.

Supporting Communities

These programs create resources within communities that don’t often see support from the greater business community. Your diversity goals should not just focus on what candidates can do for your company but also what your company can do for the communities in your area.

Becoming a Leader

It’s also vital that your company focus on leadership roles. Only by increasing the diversity in decision-making positions can your organization become a leader in your community. Allowing everyone to have a seat at the table and increased representation and participation will help your organization stand out.

Face the Uncomfortable

One important aspect of diversity and inclusion is to be willing to face the uncomfortable. Diversity programs aren’t designed to make people feel better about their participation; they’re designed to help individuals and organizations address inequality at all levels of the business. Without asking hard questions, your work may not be more than performative.

Partner with a Diversity Staffing Provider

You have to start somewhere. A simple step you can take today to improve your diversity program is by partnering diversity staffing provider. As a WBENC-certified national staffing alliance, our focus is always on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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