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In 2019 Anserteam launched an initiative to revamp and reinvigorate our On-Site program.  This is a specialty service for our clients in the manufacturing industry with high volume contingent labor programs of 50 or more temporary workers on site each day. In these cases, we placed dedicated team members to office on-site at the client’s location and manage the program exclusively.  The On-Site Managers are integrated into the client’s culture as a part of their management team and are solely dedicated to the location where they work to manage every step of the recruiting, vetting, hiring, onboarding, training, employment and offboarding steps of the employee work cycle.  In just the first three quarters of 2019, our On-Site program experienced the following impressive success. Let’s take a closer look. 


76% Reduction in Time-to-Fill Orders 

Time to fill is a major concern for many high-volume manufacturing operations. Bringing in employees is a complicated matter requiring onboarding and training. If the time to fill these valuable positions is too high, important work will go undone. That’s how a dedicated on-site staffing partner can help a company succeed. Their sole responsibility is hiring and employee management, reducing the time to fill.  


48% Reduction in Turnover 

Another massive hurdle for many manufacturing operations is the high rate of turnover. And with every employee who leaves the job, onboarding and training needs to happen again. There is ample evidence to suggest that a new hire takes a significant amount of time to ramp up and be as fully productive as their experienced counterparts. An onsite staffing manager helps keep employees engaged.  

38% reduction in Absenteeism 

Employees not showing up for production environment jobs is also a significant issue that impacts productivity. An onsite manager can address employee’s concerns leading to a higher showup rate throughout their assignment. They can also discuss tardiness and missed days with the employees in realtime to work out any additional issues.  

78% reduction in Safety Compliance Issues 

Another hot button issue for manufacturing environments is safety. While you may have an excellent safety program in place and may even have a safety manager onsite, having safety compliance reinforced daily is also essential. Your dedicated onsite staffing provider will be able to provide the initial safety onboarding and continuously promote safety to the team on the job each day.  

Throughout this process, we were able to make strategic recommendations regarding employee pay rates and employee incentive programs that significantly improved employee morale, performance, and retention.  


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