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Your managed service provider is designed to take challenges off your plate, so you can focus on running your business. But as an effective partner, its imperative you’re able to communicate with your MSP whenever you have concerns or questions. In fact, waiting until you have concerns to discuss them may already be too late. Can you be more proactive in your communication? Here are some ways you can be sure to stay in touch with your MSP and get everything you need.

Ask About Service Standards

Most MSPs you will be able to provide you with a Service Level Agreement or SLA. This will spell out what kinds of services they provide and what kind of security standards they have.


You want to ensure the work completed by your MSP is compliant and your company will choose the right partner to help accomplish your mission.

Find Out How They Report

Reporting is the backbone of a successful MSP relationship. They should be able to tell you to the most minute detail how the program is working.


Will they be sending you a quarterly report? Will they provide a face-to-face meeting to go over details and metrics? How customized can their solutions be to fit your business?

Learn About Referrals

Another important question when discussing business with a potential MSP is about their referrals. References are the life blood of a good business. In your initial intake meeting, talk to them about their other clients, especially anyone who is similar to your business. Ask them for contact information, and then make that connection.


If an MSP is reticent to provide this information, that is likely a red flag. You should find that most MSPs are very forthcoming in the contacts they’ll provide, as good references are in their best interest.

Get Educated About Pricing

The final piece of the puzzle is their pricing structure. While you probably know that simply going with the least expensive option isn’t always the best solution, the arrangement does need to be something that will benefit your business both operationally and financially.


Talking about pricing is never easy and negotiations are often the worst part of any business endeavor. But knowing is critical to help you make an informed decision.


Do you want to know more about effectively communicating with your managed service provider?


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