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As you consider how to attract top talent this year, the focus should be on the benefits you can provide. In the wake of The Great Resignation, candidates are evaluating salary and benefits packages very closely and only accepting jobs with companies they feel have their best interests in mind. So what can you offer your team? Here are some of the top benefits employees really look for when applying for jobs.

What Are The Top Benefits Employees Want When Looking For Jobs?

Health Insurance

Health insurance is still a sticky subject. For many in the United States, insurance is still tied to employment, so it’s vital to offer a good policy that supports your employees. Health insurance rates are rising, and this affordability problem will become an issue in the coming years, especially if we enter a recession. Offering good health insurance will keep talent loyal and engaged.

Paid Time Off

The next most important benefit is a good policy surrounding paid time off. Some people like flex time or unlimited time, but be sure these are enforceable policies. Some aren’t sure they would want to take time off because they’ll face retribution in the workplace, so you need to create a culture where time off is encouraged. Don’t penalize employees who take time off due to illness, as this can quickly become a significant concern for your entire workforce.

Retirement Benefits

As boomers are retiring and Generation Z are entering the workforce, it’s essential to learn what these new employees want from retirement benefits. Many have concerns about their financial future, and traditional 401(k)s may not be their choice for retirement. Talk with financial advisors and your team to find out what people want.

Vision and Dental Insurance

Medical insurance is separate from vision and dental in the United States, though these can lead to significant medical concerns if left untreated. Providing vision and dental benefits can allow employees to ensure all of their healthcare needs are covered and taken care of before a problem arises.

Parental Leave

There are also many concerns about parental leave and job security. While FMLA is required in the United States, some companies are now offering more expanded parental leave options. This will help retain talent that often leaves the workforce after the birth of a child because they don’t feel as though they have support in their new roles.

What Benefits Are You Offering Employees?

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