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The staffing industry can be complicated. It seems simple on paper: you receive jobs from your clients and you find talented people to fill them. But what about the in-between times? Individuals are coming into your agency every day, and if you don’t have an open position that suits them, they’ll move on. So how do you keep them happy throughout the process? Here are 5 things you can to do keep your top candidates engaged.

1) Keep the application process simple.

You may be surprised to learn that you lose quality candidates before their resumes ever make it to your desk. If an application process is too complicated, the candidates may choose not to complete it. If you use online applications, don’t make the process too complicated. Also, be sure to optimize the application for mobile users.

2) Follow up with all candidates.

Whether or not the candidate is a fit for the immediate job opening, follow up with them. You never know when their skills can be a fit for future opportunities. Recruiters are busy, so work with an administrative assistant to handle this level of communication or create an easy email response template.

3) Offer short-term positions.

When you do see top talent come through your agency, do your best to keep them happy and engaged. They may be willing to do short term assignments to stay busy, visible, and a viable earner for your company. Position these opportunities as a chance to get out, network, and participate with local businesses.

4) Provide continued value.

Your recruiters don’t end their job when they’ve sourced quality candidates. There should be a system in place to continue to provide value to your potential candidates. Some agencies also help with resume development. Others might write a blog that can help give potential employees added benefits such as resume writing or interviewing tips.

5) Implement a referral program.

Finally, another way to retain top talent is to encourage them to refer others to your service. Offer a referral program that pays your candidate if their referral gets a job and works for a certain period of time. When you have a particularly difficult job opening to fill, go to your candidates to see if they know anyone with those specific skills that they can recommend.

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