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The Canadian Labour Board was established to prevent disputes between employers and employees. Before situations escalate to need dispute resolution the board can provide you with services through the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS). The services need to be requested jointly by both parties but the goal is to provide guided conflict resolution and promote a cooperative workplace. Here is a look at how dispute prevent works.

  • What does the FMCS do? It provides four services to Canadian companies: training workshops, facilitation services, grievance mediation, and regional workshops. It is designed to help improve relationships between management and employees while educating everyone on problem solving skills in the period between collective agreement and collective bargaining. Workshops and training can be customized for the needs of each business and their staff.
  • What services are available? In an effort to bridge the gap between unions and management the FMCS can provide the services of a mediator who acts as a facilitator. They can assist with interest-based negotiations or the resolution of a workplace issue and the use of a third party can ensure the success of the discussion. Facilitation is usually used as a follow up for the training the FMCS provides.
  • Available workshops. The FMCS offers a number of workshops and training programs for qualifying businesses. They include interest-based negotiation, committee effectiveness, joint problem solving, negotiation skills, grievance resolution, managing organizational change, and post-work stoppage workshops. Contact the FMCS to see what would work best for your company.

For more information visit dispute prevention information provided by the Canadian Labour Board.

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