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What makes a leader?

As it turns out, management and leadership are not always the same thing. There are skills you can learn and there are skills that you’re born with. So how can you know if you’re made for a leadership role? There have been countless studies into the traits of successful leaders and we can use these ideas to ensure that we are cultivating the right skills for ourselves.

5 Common Traits Found in the Most Successful Leaders

Self-Confidence and Courage

Confidence is a major component of being a successful leader, however this should not be confused with arrogance. Instead, focus on your courage to try new things and think outside the box. When you can move past your fears, self-confidence fills in the gaps very quickly.

Self-Control and Proper Reactions

Speaking of arrogance, it is critical that you don’t lead with an explosive personality. Flying off the handle is the easiest way to lose the loyalty of your best employees. Don’t react in anger and think about your responses.

A Sense of Fairness

You should also focus on a fair employment system. This doesn’t mean that everyone gets the same praise regardless of their contribution, but that each contribution is recognized in balance. You may also be the voice of reason in some disputes within the office.

Lets Go of Perfection

A good leader understands that failure of a project is not the failure of the person. Some people are so afraid of failing that they don’t take any action at all. Don’t worry about the end result being perfect. If you can start with that, you can take a lot more steps in the right direction.

Respectful and Responsible

Finally, always treat your staff with respect and they will respect you in turn. Treat them like adults, solve problems collaborative, and always be responsible for your own actions. If you make a mistake, apologize. Give credit where it is due. And always be available for questions and assistance as necessary.

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