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Each year, OSHA publishes a list of commonly cited standards in their reports. This list is intended to help educated businesses so they can better understand what processes will affect their employees’ safety. It can be helpful to see what the most common issues are in the workplace so managers can regularly reevaluate their own situations. Here are the most commonly cited standards and how you can make improvements to your warehouse or production facility.

Fall Protection

Falls top the list for many injury reports throughout the country. That is why OSHA is making it a priority to educate employers about the hazards of falling. Training and protection are critical to ensuring that employees who work on scaffolding, ladders, or towers are safe in the workplace.

Hazard Communication

It may be surprising to hear that the communications surrounding hazardous materials is also near the top of OSHAs list of most cited standards. This means that far too many employers are woefully unprepared when it comes to the safe handling of these materials. It is a good idea to review these standards and create an action plan to maintain safety.

Respiratory Protection

Not providing respiratory protection in a workplace that has substandard air quality is a big problem. Many industries deal with chemicals or dust that may be a problem for the health of their workers. Issuing simple and compliant respiratory equipment can prevent a number of long term problems.

Electrical Wiring Methods

If your facility is not compliant in terms of the correct electrical wiring, specifically grounding, it is essential that you make those changes immediately. Knowing that this is in the top 10 cited standards that OSHA reviews is a sobering statistic, especially when related injuries could be easily prevented.

Machine Guarding

Also knowing that the lack of proper guarding for machines is a commonly cited standard is sobering. Review your current safety processes, make any corrections needed, and prevent these accidents from happening. Machinery is inherently dangerous, so only employers can help protect their employees from unnecessary risks in the workplace.

How is your safety program?

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