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So many companies transitioned to remote work last year, and many have chosen to remain that way. But even with an increasingly remote workforce, 86% of employees say that company culture still matters when it comes to job satisfaction. What can employers do to ensure their culture remains strong even if their workforce is located around the country or even the world? Here are a few things to consider.

Multi-Channel Communication

If you’re worried about remote employees feeling disconnected from the company, you can utilize multi-channel communications tools to keep the doors open. This can include emails, chat, video conferences, and phone calls. It can also help create an online social chat experience like a virtual “water cooler.”

Regular Check-Ins

Leading virtually also means establishing regular check-ins with your team. When you’re in the office, it’s easy to take this interaction for granted, so you need to make a special effort when working remotely. Don’t just talk to an employee when you need to address an issue. Contact them to catch up or to provide praise and positive feedback.

Develop a Great User Experience

While you may think you can send your employees home with a link to the company intranet, and they can figure it all out independently, there is something to be said for facilitating a great user experience. Don’t just provide software, hardware, and virtual access. Provide incentives that make them feel like they’re part of the team, such as social activity kits or other ways to connect.

Reinforce Company Values

In the office, company values are present every day. We might have the mission statement framed on the wall. The culture is infused in the interior design, the workspaces, and the way management and employees interact. Keeping this a part of the remote culture will keep employees feeling like they belong to a team. Reinforce your company values through the way you communicate and your corporate branding.

Provide Remote Team-Building Time

It’s also important that your remote team have time to blow off steam and enjoy working together, even if that’s remote. Employee chatrooms are just one way to do that, but other companies are getting creative about creating a fun, immersive experience. For example, you can send everyone fun activity packages that they work on collaboratively through video conferencing or chat.

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