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There has been a lot of negative press lately about the futures of recent college grads. Many are concerned that their degrees won’t get them the professional roles they want once they’re out of college. Others are drowning in debt that only accumulates over time. But there is a good new on the horizon for 2016. More employers are planning to hire college graduates next year. There are a variety of reasons for the upswing in graduate hiring, including the skills that these candidates obtained in school as well as the intangible benefits of completing a degree program. Let’s take a closer look.

11% Over 2015

The rate that companies will hire college graduates in 2016 is up just over 10% from this year. However, the rate of overall hires will be lower. This means that candidates with degrees will be a higher priority for hiring across the board. Companies are looking for qualified candidates. College degrees also demonstrate an ability to follow through on a project and learn new things.

Employer Confidence Steady

The good news is, overall employer confidence is continuing to remain the same. While better news would be an increase, there is also not expected to be a loss of confidence in business over the next year. Employees can be comforted by knowing that employers are positive about their business prospects for the upcoming year.

STEM Programs

Science, technology, engineering, and math continue to be at the top of the list for desirable degrees for prospective employees. In fact, more women are being encouraged to receive degrees in these valuable subjects. STEM can apply across a wide array of potential employment possibilities.

Advanced Degrees

It isn’t just bachelor’s degrees that businesses will be looking at in 2016. Many companies will place higher value on candidates who have advanced degrees, such as a master’s or an MBA. Advanced programs give employees additional skills for the market placec. And, once again, the commitment to a graduate program is as valuable as the knowledge you’ll obtain in school.

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