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Social media is changing the way we communicate with one another, both for better or worse.

Some people decry the use of social media as the downfall of interpersonal connection and communication, while others see it as a tool to increase engagement if done correctly. In either case, there is no avoiding the pull of Facebook, Twitter, and more in today’s digital age. While more traditional ways of finding employment, including temporary staffing and face-to-face networking, are still common, 33% of job seekers cite the internet as the place to be for finding the right opportunities. How can you take advantage of this trend?

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

The most crucial step toward enhancing your social media presence is to start with LinkedIn. This online professional networking site is still considered the premier engine for connecting people and jobs. But in order to be found by recruiters and hiring managers, you need to be sure that your profile is complete. Add a professional photo, your experience, a descriptive title, and fill in the little details. LinkedIn even provides a meter that can tell you what to add to complete your profile.

Maintain a Professional Image

Another important piece of the internet puzzle is to make sure that all of your online interactions are professional. For example, Twitter is a public website and if you’re posting poorly written items with profanity or insults, a potential employer can and will find that. A good rule of thumb is to think about what a future employer would think before you post something. Many people like to keep Facebook personal so make sure you lock down all of your security settings.

Engage with Potential Employers

While it is nice when an employer finds you on line, you can’t always guarantee it. Instead, makes sure you are engaging with them as well. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter. Retweet things they say and occasionally comment if you have something important to add. This will keep you on their radar screen when they are looking for a person with your specific talents.

Build a Following

Another way to attract employers to you is to build your own following. Become an industry leader and someone people go to in order to learn more. Start a blog. A blog is the best way to dem

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