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Big changes are expected in the marketplace over the next decade, and it will be a challenge for new firms to remain ahead of the curve. With huge shifts in demographics, technology, and approaches to the workday, how can an agency continue to provide top quality service to their client’s evolving workplaces? There are a few ways that your company to create a new framework to help with the long-term transition of the next era in employment. The Staffing Stream offers this insight, and we want to distil the primary points for your business.

What is the Human Age?

Experts are declaring talent more important than capital in the coming marketplace. So what does that mean for industry? Determining the best people for a job is far more important than placing bodies in seats within an office. This also means that candidates are going to need to differentiate themselves from the competition. A strong leader in this market will understand the human factor in employment and innovation and manage accordingly.

What is the P3 Leader Model?

One management solution developed the P3 leader model. It stands for people, performance, and purpose. The concept is simple. By putting people first, you can manage not only their performance but also help them in their purpose. It is no longer enough for employees to clock in and get a paycheck. They want to feel that their contribution matters.

Talent outcomes vs. business outcomes.

In the past, the most important aspect of business was whether or not the company was profitable. And while profit is still an important factor of success, managing and promoting the human qualities of an organization is more important. Companies are looking at the way individuals contribute to success and emphasizing those.

What are the coachable capabilities?

Another method to helping talent reach their full potential is the concept of coachable capabilities. Leaders help accelerate performance, discover talent, and being a strong manager to encourage employees to reach beyond their capabilities and become exceptional employees. The key is to manage different but complementary actions in the workplace and find a way to excel.

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