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Last year, we shared the top 5 questions you should be asking your Managed Service Provider. However, we really only scratched the surface of what you should know when choosing an MSP to help your business thrive. There is one more important question that needs to be discussed. Have you asked it yet? While knowing how the process works and if they have risk management in place is imperative, what else should you know?

Can You Help Us Plan for the Future?

Many companies find themselves concerned about the problems at hand. How can your MSP help you do something now? The piece that’s missing is how they can help your company enter the future. What can your MSP do for you tomorrow or six months from now? What does that service look like?

The right MSP will understand this isn’t just about the current state of things, and they can understand your budget and see how the future can look for your business.

Identify Risk Factors

So often, problems in business are handled in a reactionary manner. But an MSP can take a look at the way you handle hiring functions today and make a plan to reduce your risk in the future.

They can identify common risk factors, as well as those specific to your business, and create solutions before a problem even arises.

Align With Your Goals

The right MSP will also be able to recognize your goals as a company and develop a hiring plan that works for you long term. This will be aligned with your goals and be able to show you how your business can grow in six months, a year or well into the future.

All this can be done with your mission in mind, rather than trying to conform to something that isn’t right for you.

Are They a Partner for Your Business?

Ultimately, this means you need to evaluate your MSP as a business partner. They don’t just offer a service, they are truly part of your team and can contribute to your success. What does that mean for your business relationship? This is what the question can uncover to help you create a plan that works long term.


Is your MSP the right partner for you?

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