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Certainly over the last several years you’ve heard plenty of discussions about Cloud Services. The Cloud is the concept that data through your information technology service, is no longer stored on local database servers but rather scattered across several, often located in different places around the country or even the world. Cloud services are also affecting other managed service providers, such as those in the staffing industry. But how? Here are a few ways cloud services are changing the managed service provider game.

  • Overall cost reduction.

    Cloud services have one very important attribute. It isn’t the only benefit, but it is one of the most compelling. Using cloud services will reduce the overall cost of your managed service provider process. Without having to store tons of data in-house and using expensive servers, your provider will be able to do more for less.

  • Consistent billing.

    There won’t be a guessing game about what you need, what you owe or how these costs change monthly. Using cloud services, preparing ahead of time, building a relationship with your managed service provider, and being up front about your needs gets you consistency, which will be good for your bottom line.

  • Prepared for the future.

    Working with your MSP and using cloud-based services will also help you prepare for the future. There will come a time when in-house services will be replaced entirely with virtual services, so starting now will put you ahead of the curve, or at least not behind it.

  • Customized services.

    Your MSP doesn’t have to utilize services that just create a logjam of data when you don’t need it. They can work with you to design an a la carte system that will service all your needs for hiring and employee management without a lot of fluff.

  • Disaster recovery.

    One aspect that many people don’t think about is the need for disaster recovery, and that’s something cloud services through your MSP can have an advantage over other more outdated methods. Because data on the cloud is spread out, risk is also spread out and your MSP should have a plan of action in case of emergencies.

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