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Recruitment process outsourcing is gaining traction in the industry, but it differs greatly from traditional staffing or recruiting. In this instance, an RPO assumes all ownership over the hiring and management process for the contracting business. In some cases, the RPO will replace all staff and technology with their own, or they may opt to absorb the existing structure. In either case, an RPO’s focus is more than just filling jobs. The idea is to improve an organization’s overall success. But just because RPOs have become more popular over the last few years doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. How do you know if your partner is the right fit for you and maximize your experience?

  • Assessing the big picture.

    RPOs are about much more than just hiring. They are your complete staffing solution and can help you with every aspect of the employment experience. So use that expertise to develop a long-term plan that will help your company succeed with all the right pieces in place.

  • Improving turnover.

    They should also be able to assist with maintaining current employees and retaining new employees. Turnover can be a big problem in a lot of industries. Hiring and onboarding processes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving retention. Your RPO has the expertise to help.

  • Implementing technology.

    There was a reason you wanted to work with an RPO, so take advantage of every aspect they have to offer. Allow them to implement technology that will help your recruitment and employee management processes. They can bring things to the table you didn’t even know you needed.

  • Looking at growth.

    While you may not be ready to add staff in particular areas yet, they can help you get to that point. By working with an RPO, you can develop a staffing plan which encourages growth for the future and will help your current team see their own growth potential.

  • Demonstrating results.

    Finally, your RPO should be able to demonstrate the results to you in a tangible way. Not only should they be able to provide reports and metrics to help you and your executive team better understand how recruiting plays a part in your overall success, but you should see very tangible results in the way your company runs.

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