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Workplace safety is critical for everyone. OSHA lists a variety of commonly cited workplace accidents companies should be aware of in their facilities. Over the years, OSHA has collected data to determine what workplace safety incidents are affecting the most people. These are some of the most commonly reported problems in the workplace. It’s important to better understand the processes of reporting, as well as how to prevent injury.


Falls remain one of the top causes of injuries in the workplace regardless, of the environment. It can happen in an office as easily as in a warehouse. A fall prevention plan can help, as well as processes to alert people of problems and avoid situations where a fall can happen. OSHA provides a number of resources that can help businesses prevent employee accidents caused by falls.

Communication About Hazards

Like falls, communicating about hazards is a top hazard in and of itself. For example, if there is a spill in the lunch room and it’s ignored, another employee can slip and fall. Make sure your organization has a plan in place to communicate about hazards, no matter how minor. It could make all the difference.


Clean air is a major concern in many work environments. Employers are required to provide the proper equipment and ventilation systems to ensure their workers are breathing safely. There are ways you can have your facility tested to see what breathing hazards exist, and plenty of options to mitigate it from increased venting to providing respirators.

Machine Maintenance

If your company has large-scale machines that will require maintenance, there are systems in place to ensure the machine is properly deactivated before someone attempts to repair it. If these processes are not followed, major injury can occur. OSHA refers to this as Lockout or Tagout, and provides processes for organizations to follow.


Depending on your work environment, your employees could operate or work around a variety of powered vehicles. These include forklifts, palate trucks, cherry pickers, and more. It’s important to follow safety procedures when operating or working within the vicinity of these machines. Your company should also follow any requirements necessary for ensuring the operators are trained.


Ladders are cited regularly as a primary cause of workplace injury. The safe use of ladders by trained and competent employees will increase your overall productivity and safety methods in the facility. It’s essential your organization learn how to utilize ladders effectively through the requirements OSHA provides.


While you may never have your employees accessing any of the electrical components of your building or machines, it’s essential everyone is aware of safety procedures around electrical wiring or equipment. Starting by ensuring your facility is up to code in terms of electrical work is a good first step to preventing accidents in the workplace.


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