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Every day a position is left unfilled costs your business money. It can typically take one to four months to find a new hire for replacement or new roles within an organization. Reducing hiring and onboarding time is one of the holy grails. So how can you lessen the time-to-hire for candidates in your business? Here are some ideas you can implement today to hire top candidates faster.

How Can You Reduce Time When Hiring?

Collect Good Data

The first step to reducing the hiring time is to collect the correct data. What do you need to measure to see how long it takes you to fill open positions at your company? Your fact-finding mission should include the following:

  • The average time to fill open positions
  • The ratio of qualified applications to unqualified applications
  • How long it takes candidates to move between stages of the hiring process
  • How long your process takes compared to competitors
  • How many days do you have between making a decision and providing a formal offer

Develop a Hiring Structure

Next, you want to make sure your process has structure. Unstructured hiring processes mean more time to fill since you often make up the rules as you go along. You need to figure out the candidate’s journey from the initial online application to getting an offer. How do you review resumes? How do you contact candidates? How many interviews do you conduct? How do you let people know they haven’t been selected?

Build Your Talent Pipeline

A talent pipeline is made up of applicants who were already screened for specific jobs. This means networking within your industry, engaging potential candidates, and keeping them updated with company hiring information. When you have an open position, this will be the first group you reach out to and move to the next hiring stage.

Improve Your Career Page

Regardless of what job boards or social medial platforms you use, you need to have a page on your website for careers. Why? You don’t own social media. Your job board subscriptions could expire. Posts you made months ago don’t continue to land at the top of search pages for new candidates. Algorithms can shut down social media accounts. Always have a place on your website to provide more details about open positions.

Invest in an ATS

Many parts of the hiring process can be automated so you can focus more on the time-to-fill. Investing in an applicant tracking system removes some of the repetitive administrative tasks that can be done through AI-assisted technology. For example, rather than sorting through dozens of resumes to find qualified candidates, you can enter a search term in your ATS to narrow down candidates from the start.

Work with a Staffing Partner

You don’t have to do any of this alone. Staffing agencies are designed to help companies find and hire talent and can benefit from sourcing to onboarding so you can focus on other tasks. A staffing partner works with you to create a custom hiring program using professional backgrounds and skills to bring you only the best-qualified candidates.

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