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Artificial Intelligence has been making headlines over the last few years. It’s not surprising that this advanced technology is going to begin touching the recruitment industry. AI uses machine learning to allow for technology to handle much of the problem solving previously conducted by human recruiters. That doesn’t mean recruiters will be replaced, but the industry will be enhanced by the addition of AI. So what changes are we expecting in the coming years?

Automating Tasks

Recruiters typically wear a lot of hats. And that can mean they’re pulled in several different directions, some of which generate revenue and some that don’t. But the use of AI can help automate some of the essential but time-consuming aspects of the recruiting process. Repetitive and high-volume tasks can take care of themselves, leaving more time to work on hiring, screening, and placements.

Increase Quality of Hire

Standardized job matching, which only enhances hands-on recruiting, can help improve overall placements. The AI will be able to match job descriptions to resumes, reducing the time it would take an individual to make those matches. Then they can focus on reviewing only the returns and moving on with more accurate information about the candidate.

Reducing Bias

Companies have growing concerns about unconscious bias. Recruiters and HR departments are working hard to eliminate bias from the hiring process, but humans sometimes make mistakes. And, in the case of unconscious bias, they may not even realize they’re doing it at all. Allowing the AI to assist will keep bias at bay through options like anonymizing resumes before selection.

Increased Communication

One promising aspect of AI and recruitment is the use of chatbots to increase communication. Job seekers who need assistance throughout the application process can seek answers by engaging with a chatbot designed to answer the most frequently asked questions. These chatbots can be designed with your company branding in mind and keep candidates engaged throughout the pre-hire experience.

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