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Working with vendor management is intended to make your job easier. You can focus on your own business while the organization and back office work are handled efficiently and effectively. This can open up an entire world of a contingent workforce. But is there a more efficient way to make it all work together? You can improve your team’s vendor management communication with the use of mobile apps. Here’s how.

  • Easy to get started.

    A mobile app should be designed with simplicity in mind. Work with mobile apps that help facilitate communications in the simplest way possible. This should give you the ability to connect away from work, reply instantly to messages, and even be able to turn off the function when it’s more important to concentrate on other things.

  • Compatible with current programs.

    Your VMS should also be easy to use with your current technology. There are plenty of options on the table, and all of them have pros and cons. Talk with your provider to determine how to best work with what you already have in place and enhance rather than complicate.

  • Payroll integration.

    The most important aspect for most businesses is ensuring your VMS integrates with their payroll systems. And this feature can be enhanced with the ability to access it on the go. Can the system allow employees and managers to enter hours and approve them without logging into a desktop computer?

  • Established procedures.

    Your VMS should also have standard procedures that help everyone communicate effectively. This can be determined by a partnership between you and your vendor management solution to make sure everyone is trained on the current use of the system and training is updated regularly.

When determining how your VMS will work with your existing infrastructure and workplace practices, it’s important to consider all possible ways the pieces fit together to make your processes effective and efficient.

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