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Recruitment Process Outsourcing evolved from the recruiting industry, but it’s grown into its own category of employment services. RPOs are a way for a company to transition all of its recruiting and hiring processes to an outside organization that specializes in the industry. An ROP can provide the resources, or they may incorporate the staff, technology, and processes of the company they’re partnering with. However, an RPO is very different from traditional recruiting because they retain ownership of the entire recruitment process, including the results. So which is better for your business?

Traditional Recruiting

Traditional recruitment has had a long history and has been the standard for candidate placement for a long time. Recruitment generally starts with an open job and a recruiter who works on finding a candidate with the right skills to fit that position. This can mean, in some cases, positions go unfilled if the exact skills match is not found at the right place and time. This is why there have been advancements in the field of recruiting over the last several years.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO is a logical extension of traditional recruitment. This is a method by which the entire recruitment process and candidate experience are handled through one resource. Instead of being reactionary, RPOs work to create a strategic plan for hiring, which includes long-term growth and replacements due to turnover.

Pros and Cons

RPOs are a natural growth of the recruitment industry, but it isn’t the only way to handle recruiting in your company. It’s best to understand the pros and cons of both options. For example, the biggest challenge of using traditional recruitment is that your hiring strategy isn’t handled by recruiters, they simply take your open jobs and work on filling them. This can mean a disconnect between the company and the candidates. On the flip side, with an RPO, you’re outsourcing your entire hiring process, which means one point of contact and cohesion with your employer brand.

The Advantages of RPO

So what are the advantages of working with an RPO? It’s described as a people, process, and technology solution where your organization’s entire recruiting experience is improved by having a great team to help integrate recruiting into your daily operations. That means proactive recruiting strategies and methods to reduce turnover in your company.

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