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The world of staffing is changing. It wasn’t just the pandemic that brought about evolution; the change has been coming for a while. And now, the industry is seeing a lot of movement toward the use of managed service providers for talent acquisition, onboarding, and management. Working with an MPS can open staffing agencies up to new possibilities and businesses that may not have been able to work with them before, including Fortune 500 companies. Here are a few things you should know.

A Fair and Balanced Hiring Process

An MSP offers companies access to a vast talent pool where every vendor has an opportunity to present candidates. This allows for a more balanced and unbiased hiring process as hiring managers evaluate each candidate individually without considering outside factors. This is important for Fortune 500 companies and their hiring requirements.

Established Bill Rates

Especially for high-volume staffing, established bill rates make it an equal playing field across all possible staffing vendors. From managers to recruiters, everyone will understand the bottom line before selecting or presenting potential candidates for each position. The company you work with will set the bill rates before you begin.

Single Point of Contact

Everyone knows it’s easier to manage communications when just one point of contact or a small team is assigned to your account. When there are too many people responsible for communication, things fall through the cracks far too easily.

Defined Processes and Procedures

With an MSP, the entire process from start to finish is designed meticulously so everyone who touches the system can manage their expectations. Having defined processes and procedures also means that each placement is met with the exact requirements, and there are no surprises along the way. This will fit into the compliance factor for large corporations.

Do you want to work with Fortune 500 companies?

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