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It is interesting to track the career paths of a variety of industries to see which employees are the most confident. Confidence, in this regard, refers to the employees’ overall perception of the job market, career satisfaction, and economic growth. When an employee is confident in not only their skills but the market for their skills, they are likely to outperform their less confident counterparts. In 2015, the two industries that have hit an all-time high are healthcare and information technology. Let’s take a closer look at why.

  • Big time for big data. Big data is unquantifiable, at least that is the text book definition. These are data sets that are too complex or simply too large to be evaluated by our current data processing technologies. This means that new, more robust data processing solutions need to be developed, and that means more jobs for IT professionals.
  • Move on with mobile tech. Another aspect of information technology that is taking the world by storm is mobile. Adults and children alike are tethered to their smart phones or tablets, and new apps are being released each day. Not only does the industry need app programmers, but also IT professionals who handle the internal processes of such tiny computers.
  • Soar in the cloud. Cloud technology is also changing the way we do business and because of it even companies that would have never considered the IT aspect of their business are working with it on a daily basis. Cloud storage means that you never have to have bulky servers in your office and you never need to fear a complete meltdown of the system, denying you access to all of you data. IT professionals with cloud experience have a lot of potential.
  • Healthy need for healthcare. In the healthcare arena, there are so many changes with the Affordable Healthcare Act that organizations are revamping the way they handle everything from back office to clinical staff. Whether you’re a nurse or a medical coder and biller, you’re in a good position to get and stay employed.
  • The doctor is out. There is also the intersection of technology and healthcare today. With the changes in privacy protections there is a lot of computer access happening in the office from your intake nurse right up to the doctor who treats you. There is also a possibility for distance-diagnoses. Doctors have the option to treat patients via online portals and skype in some areas.

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