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Recruiting is a balance of networking and making the right connections. And every time a new job comes across your desk, you may be inclined to start from scratch and begin the sourcing and submitting process over again. But what if you have qualified talent in your current pipeline who are a perfect fit for the open job? Building a strong candidate pool is essential to a successful recruiting business. So why should you keep your pipeline full and how can it work? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Less likely to make the wrong decision.

Bad hires happen when round pegs are forced into square holes. If you’re in a constant cycle of request, source, and hire you may be missing out on some key personality issues that could influence success. By keeping your pipeline full of qualified, pre-screened candidates you will be able to make stronger matches in a shorter time to fill. This is good for everyone involved.

  • The long-term benefits could out weight short term gain.

As recruiters, we are always looking for the next billable job, but that might leave us short of reaching our real goals. Consider looking at candidates who have not yet graduated or who are pursuing an education in a new career path. While you may not be able to place them immediately, you will get to know them and be able long-term good cultural match with your clients in the future.

  • Have a lower overall cost of hiring.

Having a strong candidate pipeline means you can help your clients faster every time. When their star employee gives a two-week notice, you don’t have to spend those two weeks sourcing new candidates. Starting in your database will help you fill it faster, and lower the client’s overall cost of hiring. This will make your agency an invaluable tool for them, and they’ll bring their business back.

  • Make candidates feel wanted.

Maintaining contact with your candidate pipeline is as important as building one. If you don’t remain in contact with star candidates even if you don’t have a position for them, you will lose them to another opportunity. Make them feel wanted. Let them know you’re working for them. Even if they go on to do something else, they could become a client in the future and this will be an important relationship.

What strategies do you have to improve your candidate pipeline this year?


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