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For many businesses, fully remote work is going to be the new normal. Even for some of the biggest companies in the world, like Google, employees are working 100% remote until at least the end of 2020. If a company can function with remote teams, it is a safe way to continue working in a world affected by COVID-19. But what do you need to know about leading a fully remote team through the summer months?  


Keep Them Focused  

Working from home always has its unique distractions. It can be worse in the summer. Especially right now, as kids still at home but now they’re not engaged with school activities. Summer camp is most likely not happening. And there may even be two adults trying to work from the same space. There is also the pull of summer where we want to be outside or anywhere but the office, and that can be even worse when the office is their own home.  


Personal Ownership 

We often look at working from home as the perfect prize, but that isn’t always the case. Many workers thrive in the processes and procedures that an office environment provides to them. And when your team is in your office, you can establish a set of rules and enforce them. It’s harder to do at home, and you’re not there to personally supervise. Instead, empower your team to take personal ownership. Don’t focus as much on the way they get tasks done, just that they meet their necessary deadlines.  


Remote Engagement Strategies 

To engage your remote workers, you still need to employ strategies that make them excited about contributing to the company. Some strategies you can use as a remote manager include:  

    • Make them feel like they belong 
    • Define their goals 
    • Improve communication  
    • Be proactive 
    • Create efficient collaboration opportunities 
    • Provide access to technology and tools they need 
    • Encourage personal time off 


Keep in Touch 

As we said, communication is an important aspect of management when your team is working from home. Not only should you encourage productive team meetings through video conferencing tools, but you should also regularly keep in touch with your employees. It’s important that your communication is productive and not just touching base for the sake of checking in. You also want to be there for them so they can reach out to you if necessary.  


Work Together 

Collaboration is the name of the game when it comes to productive remote working. There was a time when competition was king, but not only do we need a more compassionate approach in the age of COVID-19 but it’s been proven that collaborative work environments are productive and desired by many of today’s employees.  


Let’s team up.

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