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2016 has already ushered in great changes in the staffing industry. How can staffing agencies keep up with the current reflections in the market and pass those benefits on to their client and employee bases? Working with a service can help any business improve their hiring processes for this year. Agencies have dedicated skills that can benefit any industry. Before you start to make major changes in your organization this year, consider these staffing trends that are already appearing this year.

Becoming a Strategic Partner

A staffing agency can act as a full-service recruiting partner for a business on both a large and a small scale. Hiring processes, such as resume review, pre-screening interviews, background checks, references, and more can be accomplished by the agency which can allow the client company to focus on running their business rather than focusing on hiring issues.

Influencing a Company’s Hiring Model

An agency can also help influence the company’s hiring process. Some organization

An agency can also help influence the company’s hiring process. Some organizations make the application process too difficult while others struggle with bad hiring experiences due to not enough screening. An agency specializes in the hiring process and can work with an organization to create a streamlined and customized solution. This can apply across all industries.

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Attracting Passive Candidates

The Holy Grail for many companies is to hire a qualified candidate away from a competitor. This allows the organization to gain corporate insight, attract new customers, and benefit from the skills that the new employee brings to the table. However, by nature, passive candidates are harder to connect with, but a staffing agency can utilize their expanded network to source them.

Going Mobile

A big trend in today’s job market is mobile technology. An astonishing number of adults in the United States access the internet strictly through their cellphones. This means that when they are applying for jobs, they are also doing that on the go and from their phones. A company needs to work to create a mobile experience that will attract and engage potential employees.

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