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Over the past years, we’ve seen the gig economy strengthen. That means more people are freelancing or working contract rather than directly with employers. For companies that participate in the gig economy, there are additional considerations such as employee management and back office organization. Many organizations are turning toward a partnership with managed service providers or vendor management systems. Here are some of the trends for both MSP and VMS we expect in 2019.


Managed Staffing Provider

While MSP typically stands for Managed Service Provider, a term often used in the IT industry as well, MSP can also stand for Managed Staffing Provider. The trend expected in 2019 is more companies will partner with an outsourced agency as an MSP to manage contingent worker programs.

As the gig economy continues to expand, more companies will be turning to a contingent workforce to bring qualified professionals on for projects and gigs, so an MSP is going to be an essential part of that process.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Different from traditional recruiting, RPO is a type of business process outsourcing that gives companies the flexibility to be more hands-off when it comes to hiring and onboarding. An RPO will come in to handle all of the sourcing, interviewing, and placement for incoming individuals.

They may work on-site or off, but they will manage the entire process allowing a company to focus on the revenue-generating aspects of their own business.


Statement of Work

Another trend coming from the project management industry is making its way into staffing. A statement of work, unlike a contract, is a road map for the expectations of a project. Your MSP may provide one to anyone who interacts with their systems throughout the project they’ll be managing, so everyone can remain on the same page.

To maintain branding and expectations, a company can also provide a statement of work to partnering companies. Talk with your MSP or VMS provider to determine how to make a statement of work an integrated part of your process.


Collaboration Between Departments

Collaborative environments have been growing in the workplace. The trends may have been spearheaded by millennials as they entered the workforce, but now the oldest of this cohort is hitting 40 and likely in management roles. So collaboration is going to become the new normal for businesses.

But that doesn’t just mean enhancing teamwork for direct co-workers. You’ll be seeing departments collaborating on company-wide initiatives, including MSP and VMS providers.

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