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Most modern businesses benefit from a flexible approach when it comes to their staffing process. This is especially the case when considering the challenging job market affecting multiple business sectors. In this environment, companies typically face a costly and risk prone recruiting effort that might result in failure. Because of this situation, employing workers on temporary contracts provides businesses the staffing flexibility they need for efficient operations.

Businesses increasingly leverage managed service providers in staffing to handle their temporary talent needs. They offer many benefits, including greatly optimizing the staffing process – a boon for companies with small HR teams. Managed staffing services providers also help businesses navigate the complex array of constantly changing regulations for temporary staffing.

Any company relying on a contingent workforce needs to stay abreast of this unique regulatory environment around temporary workers. MSPs in staffing specialize in this knowledge, helping their business clients successfully handle any emerging regulations. Read further to learn more about how staffing MSPs benefit businesses when it comes to regulatory compliance.


The Ever-Changing Landscape of Temporary Staffing Regulations

As noted earlier, using a temporary or contingent workforce requires employers to maintain regulatory compliance. However, this becomes difficult when considering new employment laws remain a common occurrence across the country. Few businesses want to run the risk of tax penalties and fines due to failing to comply with this consistently shifting landscape. As such, many companies outsource their staffing function to MSPs that specialize in temporary workforce management.

For example, New Jersey recently passed a law regulating the temporary staffing industry in that state. The law, essentially serving as a “temporary worker bill of rights,” garnered much support from labor and immigrant support groups. One of the most controversial aspects of the bill requires a hefty amount of bookkeeping from businesses using temps. It essentially demands all temporary workers receive the same average pay and benefits as equivalent full-time employees.

Businesses are effectively forced to calculate these averages on their own, a burdensome demand for smaller organizations. This one example illustrates why many companies choose to partner with managed service providers specializing in temporary staffing. The MSP staffing agency handles these requirements while their business clients focus on maintaining efficient operations.

Considering the ever-changing nature of these regulations at all governmental levels, finding an experienced staffing partner makes perfect sense. Adopting this approach allows companies to stay flexible and nimble in the competitive modern business world. It’s ultimately the right strategy when considering the myriad of other benefits offered by partnering with a staffing MSP. In short, temporary staffing providers provide businesses with optimal workforce management.


The Adaptive Role of MSPs in Temporary Staffing

Your business likely employs talented leaders with a strong understanding of its industry and its evolution. At the same time, keeping up with changing regulations around temporary workers lies outside their area of expertise. This situation perfectly illustrates why partnering with a staffing MSP specializing in temporary workforces remains the wise choice. Let your managers focus on running your business while the experts handle your contingent workforce management.

The best MSPs in staffing employ experienced legal experts focusing on the regular changes in temporary worker regulations. This ensures their client partners stay in compliance, especially when employing remote contingent workers located in different legal jurisdictions. It offers companies the best option to prevent being blindsided by arcane legal changes and the risk of fines. Your bottom line stays well-protected as a result.

For example, consider that recent New Jersey law requiring temps receive the same pay and benefits as equivalent employees. Analyzing the average pay and benefits by job role probably requires the full-time effort of an HR analyst. However, partnering with a managed staffing services provider lets the MSP handle that time-consuming task. Once again, your company focuses on business operations, while staffing experts handle the ever shifting sands of regulatory compliance.

Partnering with a staffing MSP provides businesses using a temporary workforce the peace of mind to successfully run their organization. As a result, expect a boost in efficiency, productivity, and a healthier bottom line.


Staying Ahead: How MSPs Optimize Temporary Staffing Strategies

Of course, partnering with an MSP in staffing provides businesses with many benefits besides staying in regulatory compliance. Staffing MSPs leverage a variety of well-honed strategies for regulatory compliance and the whole host of other functions they provide clients. The top companies in this space understand what best practices ensure their business partners receive top-shelf service.

Let’s analyze some important strategies to help your company make the right choice in a managed staffing services provider. In the end, use these insights to inform your process when researching potential MSP partners.


Proactive Compliance:

As noted earlier, staffing MSPs employ legal experts whose main role involves analyzing any recent changes to employment law. This process becomes exceedingly complex when considering the local, state, and national laws that all affect regulatory compliance. Some businesses with widely dispersed remote workforces even need to worry about international employment regulations.

When researching potential MSP partners, closely vet their approach to employment law and compliance. See if the firm employs a dedicated legal team for this purpose. Also pay close attention to this issue when perusing reviews from other clients, looking for any potential red flags. Also contact a few colleagues to see if any previously worked with a staffing MSP on your short list.


Customized Solutions:

Any top-shelf MSP specializing in temporary staffing needs significant experience to provide your business with a customized talent solution. This scenario is why forging a long-term partnership with a staffing provider greatly benefits your organization. Over time, they grow to understand your business operations, technical stack (if relevant), and your ideal candidate profile. Of course, this also applies to your business’s exposure to regulatory compliance issues related to employment law.

Simply stated, your MSP partner must understand how to provide your company the right talent at the right time. If you need to quickly close a skills gap on an important project, they present an experienced contingent worker. It remains the best way to add the necessary talent you need in a cost-effective manner.


Scalability and Flexibility:

Businesses regularly rely on a contingent workforce to provide the flexibility and scalability it needs for success. Consider if you hire a few permanent employees to handle crunch time on an important project. After the work completes, you still pay full wages for those new hires. On the other hand, leveraging a temporary workforce lets businesses scale up and down as necessary, saving significant money.

The top MSPs in temporary staffing understand that workforce scalability remains one of the biggest benefits of their service. As such, they focus on providing their clients with flexible solutions for workforce management. Of course, these services also take into account the ever-changing landscape of employment law.


Talent Pool Management:

Having access to a talented candidate pool remains any important advantage gained from working with a staffing MSP. As highlighted above, providing your MSP partner profiles of your ideal candidate helps them quickly source compatible talent. This includes the skills and experience needed for an important project or even in a staff augmentation role.

At the same time, they also manage aspects of their talent pool related to legal and regulatory compliance. This includes performance background checks of any potential candidate, including drug screenings and security clearances. They also vet each candidate’s resume, ensuring they actually possess the skills, experience, and certifications detailed on their CV. Obviously, this service saves significant time and resources for any business, especially those with a small HR team.


Continuous Training:

The best staffing MSPs ensure the talent they place with clients receives the right training, including earning relevant certifications. After all, the contingent workers at your business effectively remain employees of your managed staffing provider partner. You ultimately want to work with a temporary staffing provider that values the professional development of their employees. It keeps their morale as high as possible when working at a business like yours.

In addition to providing exceptional training, top-ranked staffing MSPs keep their employees informed regarding any changes to employment law. This continuous education becomes critical in ensuring compliance, both for the MSP and the clients using their contingent workers. So ask a few questions on their approach to training and professional development when vetting potential staffing MSP partners.


Optimize Your Temporary Workforce and Partner with a Top Staffing MSP Today

Hopefully, this post provided some food for thought on the importance of regulatory compliance when using temporary workers. It also illustrated how partnering with a staffing MSP helps your business successfully handle these critical issues. Understanding the other benefits offered by managed staffing providers helps your business make the right choice in a partner.

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